Balanced Scorecard and Management

The balanced scorecard approach is very important to any business these days. It measures the successes and failures of a business. A business can learn from previous scorecards on how to improve their services to their customers. It is very important that a business take care of the needs of its customers because they are the ones that are buying their products or services from them. Customers’ needs change and a business needs to change with their needs. Customers are quick to go to the competition of their needs are not being met and this means lost revenue for the business. It can also impact a business because a customer who is not satisfied, will not recommend a company to anyone.

Management in a business must ensure that their business has a balanced scorecard. Management can use the scorecards to measure how well their employees are doing in the business and what the employees can improve on. Further training can then be arranged for the employees that aren’t quite measuring up. Perhaps the employees are confused about the systems or processes and by offering training in these areas, it will help an employee get over that confusion. Training should be implemented whenever a new system or process is used within the business. Training should also be implemented on old systems or processes. This lets employees understand how the systems and processes within a business work.

Management needs to keep balanced scorecards on the progression of how well or how poorly an employee is doing. Perhaps an employee is falling behind on tasks because of a schedule conflict in their home life. Perhaps management could come up some kind of solution around this problem so that the employee will perform better.

A business will succeed if they can provide their customers with the best possible experience in shopping with them as possible. Any glitches or problems customers face will be a negative experience in a customer’s eyes and it will cause the customer to shop elsewhere. You want to make sure that your customers are satisfied in dealing with your business. More and more customers are ranking a business on their ability to provide exceptional customer service. It is important to them to feel like they are a person and not just a number. Customers want to feel important and they have every right to be. It is their money that is keeping your business afloat.

A scorecard will allow management to see the shortfalls in where an employee can improve and as employees improve their performance, the business itself will improve. It is very important that management keep track of employees by using a scorecard and to make sure the scorecard is balanced because this will improve the business as a whole. Under achievers will be given the chance to improve their skills and employees that perform well or exceptional can be given an incentive so that they will continue to perform well. Management will see the improvements that employees are making.